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The Ultimate Cookout Desserts

Be the star of the cookout and impress your in-laws when you show up with a killer dessert this weekend. The kicker is, there is one ingredient that will keep everyone guessing. The secret ingredient, sauerkraut, adds a unique texture and flavor to each dessert. You’ve gotta try them!

These sweet treat recipes include peanut buttery bars, rich chocolate cake, gooey brownies and light apple cake. Any of these four sauerkraut desserts will satisfy every sweet tooth and they will have your friends and family asking for the homemade recipe.

SauerkrautBrownies Desserts Blog Post The Ultimate Cookout Desserts

Peanut Butter Chip Bars

This easy-to-make recipe for peanut butter chip bars will have cookout goers drooling for more. Tip: The sauerkraut mixes in best when chopped very finely. Recipe here


These brownies are easy to make and transport if traveling to a cabin or friend’s house. Add a couple sprinkles on top right when you take them out of the oven, and you have yourself a colorful, kid-friendly dessert. Recipe here.

Chocolate Cake

For a festive twist on this cake, add some whipped cream as frosting topped with strawberries and blueberries. This will add summery fruit flavors to the rich chocolate dish. Recipe here.

Apple Confetti Cake

With the warm weather, try a lighter dessert. This apple confetti cake is fluffy and delicious with a little powdered sugar sprinkled on top. Recipe here.