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The Kitchen Chopper on Sauerkraut

KC Kahn Kitchen Chopper 269x300 The Kitchen Chopper on SauerkrautI am KC Kahn, also known as “The Kitchen Chopper,” and I have a kraut story to tell.  First, let me share a little about myself.

On my blog, The Kitchen Chopper, I post a variety of recipes.  I like to research and focus on healthy foods, which I use as ingredients in my special Chopped recipes. I created the Chopped healthful eating concept to get an easy, quick, and balanced meal onto the family table.  My “balanced meal in a bowl” is the perfect delivery system for antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

I started my recipe blog about 2 years ago and have found ways to add all kinds of herbs, spices, and yummy decadents (what I call PED’s—Palate Enhancing Delights) like avocado, roasted almonds, or dried cranberries) to make every Chopped dish extremely nutritious and delicious.

Through my research, it has become increasingly clear how important probiotics are for our digestive and immune systems.  The hubby and I have been taking one in pill form for more than a decade. I try to add some form of probiotics into many of my Chopped recipes. However, the one food obstacle I had not been able to overcome was sauerkraut.

 About a year ago, I discovered that sauerkraut is one of the most healthful foods we can eat. I understood how versatile and affordable it is and wanted to eat more of it, but I just did not like the taste. So many people love sauerkraut; why can’t I? Since kraut’s benefits are best absorbed when it is eaten daily, I had two dilemmas at this point: how can I begin to enjoy sauerkraut and how can I make sure I eat it every day?

Then it hit me.  Last year, I did some demos in supermarkets featuring one of my most popular Chopped recipe, “KC’s Basic.”  The dish is a combination of veggies, protein, grains, and PED’s that kids loved, sometimes more than their parents! Believe it or not, the trick to this dish was hiding the veggies in plain sight! I thought, if this can get kids to eat their vegetables, maybe it would work for me and sauerkraut.

I took the “Choppertunity” and bought some sauerkraut at my local grocery store. I chopped about a ½ cup of it into our dinner one night. Oh yeah, this was the answer!  I loved it and so did my husband! The kraut added a delicious tang and punch to my Chopped dish.  I’ve found that kraut can be added to anything and will make it taste surprisingly delicious. I have even started chopping in a larger amount of sauerkraut into my meals to get more of the tangy flavor. I can’t believe it but I like sauerkraut! I’ve even eaten it by itself directly out of the jar!

Now I put sauerkraut into just about every Chopped recipe as an ingredient or as a zing factor.  Check out the first of many Chopped recipes with my newfound healthy favorite, sauerkraut: Shrimp, Lemon, Quinoa, Sauerkraut Hot Chopped. My Chopped recipes just got even more nutritious, thanks to kraut!


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