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Snacking – The New Food Trend

The way we eat is changing. Trends show that consumers are eating multiple times a day, moving away from the traditional three meals daily. Since 2010, snacking (eating 4 or 5 times a day) increased by 47% according to Restaurant Hospitality

Mushroom Kraut Caps1 Snacking   The New Food TrendSnacks that are trending include a shift away from sweet items. Sour items have become more popular as contrasts to rich foods. This trend is shown through an increase in fermented toppings, like kimchee and sauerkraut. Fermented cabbage is becoming a popular condiment, showing up on menus everywhere. Other pickled vegetables, other than sauerkraut, are pickles. 

Pickles have reached a new snack level with individually wrapped, flavored pickles. Consistent with the pickled vegetable trend, Oh Snap! pickles offer a single serving, the perfect snack, in an easy grab-and-go pouch. Oh Snap! pickles come in both classic dill and hot. These pickled cucumbers fit with Restaurant Hospitality’s snacking trends; they explain that “spicy-salty-savory ethnic snacks are afternoon favorites and meal replacements.”

Looking to be part of the snack trend? Try these sauerkraut recipes or pick up an Oh Snap! pickle in a pouch for your next afternoon snack.

Original article posted by Restaurant Hospitality on 10/28/15. Written by RH Editors.