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Sauerkraut’s Amazing Nutritional Information

Sauerkraut with Peppers 300x189 Sauerkrauts Amazing Nutritional InformationFamous seafarer James Cook said: “Sauerkraut is able to help to drive diseases off. It is an amazing food product that saves lives to my seamen”. It is not accidental that the vessels didn’t start for their long voyages without having the stock of sauerkraut on board. In the Austrian Alps, there was the following custom: before the wedding, the bride went to the kitchen where the sauerkraut for the wedding dinner was being made and salted it not to do a bad turn to her husband in their future family life.

An interesting fact is that in Germany sauerkraut is considered to be the traditional German dish. It is also eaten by the French, but the Alsace cuisine has such a dish as Choucroute garnie, made of sauerkraut with pork and other salted meats as well as seafood. Even Korea has its own traditional dish similar to sauerkraut. It is called ‘kim chee’ and is made of pickled Chinese cabbage, not of cabbage as sauerkraut is.

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Article from Aliaco¬†Women’s Magazine, January 2014.¬†