Change your Krautlook


I grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch country, the land of sort-of-German culture, so I guess a love of kraut was probably in my blood. It was always there, alongside fermented sausages and pretzel-buns. But I can’t say I truly appreciated fermented vegetables until a few years ago, when I bought a jar of fresh, live-cultured sauerkraut on a whim from the natural food store in my town. I had never tasted anything like it. At the time, I wasn’t looking for probiotics or extra nutrients or any of the health benefits that accompanied it — it just had an incredible flavor that was so unique, I could hardly process it. Now that I’m on this crazy adventure to live off of fermented food only for an entire year — ”The Fermented Man“ project, with a book coming in 2016 — I can very easily look back and tell you what started it all: delicious kraut.

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