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Hungover? Eat Some Kraut

Sauerkraut Hangover Cure 300x200 Hungover? Eat Some KrautIt’s the morning after a big night — your lips are dry, your head is throbbing and foggy, and your stomach is queasy. As much as it feels like your body is wrongly punishing you for what, as far as you can remember, was only a few drinks, it’s only trying to atone for what you made it endure the night before.

It’s no surprise that drinking takes a toll on your body. Whether it takes the form of a slight headache from a glass of wine or an intense bout of physical illness from a spring break-esque night out on the town, our bodies tell us when we’ve taken it one drink too far, and it’s a physical reaction to alcohol that we all call a hangover. 

Water, aspirin, and in many cases, greasy foods like fries and pizza are what we most frequently use to treat a hangover, but you may be surprised to hear that there are some healthy foods that can help cure your hangover woes, too. 

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Article from The Daily Meal , March 18, 2013, by Anne Dolce.