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Father’s Day Dish

Spoil dad this weekend with the ultimate meal on Sunday. VOGUE UK  recently posted this recipe by Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley of a sausage and sauerkraut sandwich. Sauerkraut is the star of this dish as it adds a tangy punch along with mustard and sausage on flax bread.

To make the dish easier, you can purchase sauerkraut instead of using homemade kraut. You can also put your own twist on the recipe to your dad’s likings by adding flavored Dill & Garlic kraut or topping the sandwich with some onions and jalapeños for an added kick. 

Recipe here.

hemsleys sausages vogue 17jun15 nick hopper b 426x639 Fathers Day Dish

Photo credit: Nick Hopper. Recipe by Hemsley & Hemsley. Recipe posted on VOGUE UK on June 17, 2015.