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4 Health Benefits of Bacteria Found in Sauerkraut

Digestive health is crucial to maintaining over-all health. Your gut needs a balance of good bacteria to digest properly, and if you just finished a regimen of antibiotics, you might need to rebuild that bacteria. Being proactive about your gut can maintain health, and help in the long run to fight off disease. Luckily for you, sauerkraut is the superfood to help you out. Lacto-fermented sauerkraut, made from cabbage fermented in a salty brine, offers health benefits for your digestive system in many ways and contains the good bacteria your gut craves. 

Cabbage contains good bacteria already, and when “fermentation takes place in salty brine, bacteria begin the work of digesting sugars in the cabbage and producing lactic acid as a product…the lactic acid also inhibits the proliferation of less beneficial strains of bacteria, creating a probiotic-rich superfood!”

4 Benefits of Good Bacteria:

  • Produces hormones that regulate fat storage 
  • Aids in digestion by producing vitamin K and biotin
  • Keeps a healthy intestinal epithelium intact
  • Prevents depression

fermented cabbage sauerkraut good bacteria benefits 4 Health Benefits of Bacteria Found in Sauerkraut

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 Original Article posted on Well Within You. Written by Peter Benoit on 8/26/15, read the full article here.