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2017 Flavor Forecasts

Pork Belly Sauerkraut Wrap2 2017 Flavor Forecasts

In 2017, there are many food predictions we should watch for. In the past, we’ve seen hot sauce on everything, leafy green super foods, and more. Coming up in 2017, one big prediction is sour flavors.

Instead of chefs going beyond to make food hot and spicy, foodservice industry experts are predicting is predicting we will see dishes with extreme sour foods like vinegar and fermented foods like pickled vegetables and sauerkraut.

This trend doesn’t apply to just food, Mondelez International Foodservice predicts that beverages are going to build on the sour trend as well.

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For the full list of anticipated food trends in 2017, visit the original article.

Original article posted 12/16/16 from Mondelez International Foodservice.